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Security Solutions are current leaders in K9 Security, Protection and Detection.

With the largest group of highly trained professional dog teams.

Our K9 section specialise in detection and protection dogs. Our dog teams train together so they can provide a coordinated controlled response to prevent loss, criminal intent, damage and disruption to your business.

Our dog teams receive continuous training to ensure they are always working at peak performance, staying on top of current Health and Safety legislation by gaining accreditations such as SIA Approved Contractor status, BS 8517-1:2016 Part 1 and 2 "Security Dogs", Quality Assurance and Safe Contractor.

We have achieved Associate Company Membership of NASDU

We can provide demonstrations of our Dog Teams at work to illustrate how effective they can be.





John & Deano

John and Deano have been a team for the last few years. Deano a former rescue pup joined John at 5 months old and has been operational from 9 months as well as NASDU qualified. 

Deano enjoys hide and seek with intruders and when not being a super dog, lives at home with John and his family.

Ernie & Taz

Ernie and Taz have been working together for the last year. Taz is a very social dog and works hard in every discipline he undertakes. He loves tracking and article searches. Although still young he shows great promise, lives at home with Ernie and his family. Taz really enjoys interacting with his family. He's been nicknamed Kangaroo Jack as he rarely stays still, he is a ball of energy and a really fun dog to be around.


Mark & Porche

Mark and Porche have been a team for 2 years. Porche is clever and enjoys her work. When not out in all the action, she enjoys lying in front of the fire and family life at home

with Mark.


Bella and Troy have been working together for the last few years. Bella is NASDU qualified and has been carrying out operations for Security Solutions for over 2 years. Bella's experience so far includes various GP roles, asset protection, festivals and general site security. Bella is happiest when at work, she loves training. She is lightening fast and an eager keen young dog.



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