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When we take up the task of key holding our clients are entrusting us with so much more than just the keys to their property or business. They are trusting us to ensure the safety of their home or business when they are not there. Our business is structured around securing our clients futures. How it all works...

We’re alerted

We work with you to tailor how your appointed alarm monitoring station alerts us.

False alarm?

We immediately call any emergency contacts you’ve designated to establish if there’s any reason why we shouldn’t respond.

On the scene fast

We dispatch our best-placed officer in your area to attend the property, assess the situation and, if needed, request emergency services, liaising with the police on your behalf.

We get things sorted

Our Security Solutions officer arranges for an emergency guard until the property can be secured, and we issue you with a

full report of the incident and of the actions we’ve taken.

 If you are interested in securing your future or indeed availing of our key holding services or tailoring an individual plan, we are always on hand to discuss all of your security concerns and introduce our security solutions and requirements.

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