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If you have a one off event or a regular assignment, having fully trained security staff on the premises during the day can make a real difference. Whether it is as the concierge at your front desk, or a trained security officer on-site, our team will be keeping your business secure with the help of our dedicated support team providing 24/7 back up in the event of an incident, ensuring a managed, controlled and cost effective response.


Our track record has been proven at several of our sites covering vacant government buildings, sheltered housing projects and isolated commercial premises.


We have worked on medium and large-scale events across Northern Ireland. Accountable for the access and egress of attendees and artists, conducting Risk Assessments and site surveys. We maintained effective command, communications and control with Emergency Services all site staff throughout and liaising with the Civil Authorities. Having ensured KPI compliance, we help deliver safe, secure, successful events.


If your building contains important stock, equipment, or technology, then an overnight security presence is an ideal security solution. Our team of licensed security officers will perform live time, transparent, recorded patrols around both the interior and exterior of the property, as well as boundary grounds.


We encourage initiative and innovation to generate new ideas, while staying up to date with Codes of Practice and British Standards, to provide creative security solutions when faced with challenges.


If you are interested in securing your future or indeed availing of our manned guarding and static security, no matter what the occasion, event, business or sector, we are always on hand to discuss all of your security concerns and introduce our security solutions to your requirements.

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