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Statistically , break ins and criminal activity are on the increases.  Vacant property inspections are a key tool in preventing vandalism, break-ins and other property damage. With so many commercial and industrial properties standing idle at this time, vacant property security has never been more essential. We are providing regular security checks across Northern Ireland, including detailed reports and record keeping for our clients. One of the most cost effective ways to ensure your business premises remain safe is to arrange controlled irregular security checks. These vacant property inspections can be be performed as often as you wish and involve checking the windows and doors for signs of entry, as well as the rest of the buildings' exterior for evidence of damage. If our inspection team spot anything suspicious, they will take immediate steps to secure the property and escalate the reporting procedure as required. This task can be further enhanced by utilising on of our specialist K9 teams to help detect unwanted intruders.


If you are interested in securing your future or indeed availing of our vacant property we are always on hand to discuss all of your security concerns and introduce our security solutions to your requirements.

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